Wednesday, 10 December 2014

People Picker field not displaying in New/Edit forms

I recently ran into a perplexing problem with a list on which I had created a new People & Groups field, restricted it to a particular group, added it to the InfoPath form and republished.

Everything worked as expected during my tests but UAT picked up something interesting. The field was not being rendered in New and Edit forms.

After cursing InfoPath and SharePoint generally for an hour or so, it came to light that only people in the Site Owners could modify the value for the field.

I decided to remove the group picker restriction and, sure enough, the field was suddenly available. Hmmmmm....but this is not the solution I was after so I reapplied the restriction to the group I wanted and then changed the groups settings so that everyone could see the members. That did it!

TO be honest, SharePoint and InfoPath were actually doing the right thing by applying the group's security settings to the field.

Now that I'm aware of this particular quirk I can see some valuable uses for it in future. If only group level permissions could be applied for every field we'd really be cooking with gas. :D

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